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Kybella/ Lipo Dissolve

 Kybella is an FDA-approved prescription medicine that eliminates  fat cells. 

Kybella is a treatment that is designed to produce long-lasting results. For most people who seek this treatment, the results should last for several years and sometimes even a lifetime.

Post-Treatment Instructions

• Avoid extreme temperatures of heat for 24 hours post treatment (i.e. Jacuzzi, hot showers etc.).

• Do NOT consume alcohol or sodium for 3 days post treatment to avoid excess swelling.

• Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours post treatment.

• Sleep on your back with your head elevated to decrease swelling.

What to Expect


• You will experience swelling and bruising for 3-5 days post treatment, which will begin decreasing over a period of a few weeks. Swelling can last 4-6 weeks. 


• Many patients need 2-3 treatments for desired results, please schedule a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after your first treatment. 


• Ice packs may be used to the treated area during the first 12 hours. Ice for 15 minutes every hour. However, icing can be discontinued if uncomfortable. 


• Do NOT massage the injection site. Swelling, tenderness, bruising, numbness, and areas of firm nodules may occur and will resolve over time without intervention. Results are not immediate. Results may be seen as early as 4-6 weeks post-treatment, but full results will not be noticed until 12 weeks post-treatment. Numbness can last up to 12 weeks. 


• Do not wrap the treated area, and do not take anything to prohibit swelling the day of the treatment or for the days following treatment.


• You may feel a sense of heaviness following the treatment, especially when laying on your back. This sensation may make you feel short of breath. However, Kybella® does not compromise your airway. Notify our office if any significant swelling, bleeding, pain, dusky discoloration, difficulty swallowing or smiling, or if fever occurs.


 Starting at $500 per vial


Results after 1 Vial

8 Week Follow-Up 


Results after 2 Vials

8 Weeks Apart


Results after 1 Vial

8 Week Follow-Up 


Results after 2 Vials

8 Weeks Apart

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